Hybrid CBD + CBG

Hybrid CBD + CBG

1oz bottle containing 1000mg CBD.

CBD isolate is absorbed by the body almost immediately and benefits can be felt within five minutes, although products made with isolate have a shorter therapeutic window, so benefits may only be felt for a few hours. CBD isolate is readily absorbed by body tissues and has been shown to help regulate energy levels, sleep, appetite, pain response, hormones, immune system response, inflammation, anxiety and depression, nausea, cardiovascular function and much more.

Full or broad spectrum CBD oils are an effective treatment for all of the conditions listed above and more, but have the advantage of containing many additional cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. This advantage gives full- or broad-spectrum oils the potential of having an even wider treatment realm than oils that are made with only CBD isolate. CBG has been clinically proven to regenerate brain cells and skin cells. 

Our hybrid broad spectrum oil that also contains CBD isolate delivers those immediate effects that isolate provides, while also increasing the therapeutic window by using the slower-acting full-spectrum hemp oil. The benefits of these oils can be felt within minutes and will be felt for up to eight hours.


Ingredients: full spectrum hemp oil, MCT oil, CBD isolate, limonene terpene, natural flavor.


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