I am a 56-year-old, 6’3”, 220-pound man and have suffered from pain, lack of concentration, inability to focus, lethargy and PTSD associated from an accident almost 2 years ago.  I fell 10 feet, landing on a hardwood floor and laid unbeknownst to anyone for 8+ hours sustaining life altering injuries to include 13 broken ribs, 2 broken vertebra in my back, a head injury, a compound fracture of my right thumb, collapsed lungs, a dislocated shoulder and multiple ligaments pulled in my right knee, with approximately 2 hours left to live as my internal organs had begun to shut down. After a time spent in the hospital and rehabilitation, I was left being prescribed pain medications daily to manage the chronic ailments with little relief. I do not like to take prescribed medications and was looking for an alternative when my wife and friends suggested trying CBD. I began using CBD oil and warming salve on my knees approximately 4 months ago, it has helped tremendously in so many ways and I can feel like myself again. This has truly been a life changer for me as I no longer take any prescribed medications. I tell and educate everyone I know about it now, I am a contractor/excavator a very manual labor-intensive business and have brought so many of my fellow brothers on board with these products. The added surprise effect for me was a drastic reduction in anxiety, depression and help with PTSD."

-Mark S.

Mark S